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About Us

Hands On Software Systems is a point-of-sale software provider and design leader (since 1985).  We got our start in 1972 as a single stereo store retailer.  In 1979 our business grew to four stores. We needed to computerize our point of sale invoicing and  also move to a computerized inventory control and accounting system. At the time very little software existed, and what existed was lacking but still very expensive.  Hardware was also expensive.  Then in 1976 came the first DOS based IBM pc at a reasonable price.  In 1977 we began developing a DOS based point of sale and general ledger system. For eight years Trs4DOS was used to control our pos and accounting  for four stores. In 1985  we formed a new company, Hands On Software Systems Inc. and began marketing TRS4DOS. To this very day our original system is still being used by retailers across the country!

In the late 90's our clients began requesting a windows based version to replace our venerable DOS version. They wanted multi-tasking, better reporting and new and improved features.  DSL internet was here and modem communications between stores suddenly became cumbersome and obsolete.  New technologies such as file synchronization became the norm.  We picked up the challenge and three years later Retail-Pos-Elite was beta tested and released for production.  Today thanks to our customer's input we are still improving and making the product better.


What we offer:

Our main goal is to design  professional invoicing software at the lowest price for all types of retail businesses.  All of our Invoice programs provide a Single Invoicing entry form, with a minimum of user keystrokes, to insure sales invoicing that is easy, fast and accurate. Everything you need is right at your fingertips.  No more jumping from one window to the next, Wintrs-Pos helps you find what you need to save time.

Why so cheap:

Our pos systems are so reliable that we don't experience a large number of service calls, they have been designed right the first time!  We have remained a  small software company with low overhead.  We don't spend a lot on advertising, but rely on the internet and our satisfied customers for future sales.

Why Choose us:

We have the best, most professional and most affordable point of system on the market, with over 20 years experience developing  and selling point of sale software.  Our product is designed by retailers for retailers.  We offer personal customer  support on a "First Name" basis right here in America, not from someone in India!